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Coupon Country Presents JACK BENNY’S ‘A’ LIST    JUN 2020

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Your Top 10 Favorite Posts

Hi, Gang, How’s this for our THEME for this issue? Our Top 10 Most Responsive Posts of All Time – Everything from Dinner Certificates to the World’s Most Popular Coupon Book to Bitcoin and movies, and, of course, Weight Loss (several to choose from) YOU SAID ARE YOUR FAVES! The next 10 aren’t too bad either.. we’ll save them for another time. Like and Share if you like these … Hope you Dads had a good Day! -JB

And, Now, Our TOP 10+ Most Popular Posts /Offers of All Time:


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8) MOVIES MOVIES Movies⠀⠀ (165 clicks ) Watch as many movies, TV shows, sports matches as you want and play as many games as you want – signup is free!

7) FREE Bottle: The Diet Pill for Women and Men that has Scientists, Doctors and Celebrities Buzzing (184 CLICKS)

4) LOSE WEIGHT NOW Discover How The Foods You’re Eating Every Day Are Making Your Fat Cells SICK

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3) HEALTH MONTH Coup-Letter – Diet, Pain Relief, Longevity, Tinnitus, Insurance Deals etc https://buff.ly/2H60kLP (387 clicks)

2) $5 flat WORLD’S MOST POPULAR COUPON BOOK >Get exclusive savings for the things you love — restaurants, movie tickets, golf, zoos, skiing, shopping, travel and more. > Pays for itself with first use! #Coupon #dining (756 clicks)

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The Rest of the Story (not always covered in Mainstream Media)…

-Fake Noose – Rest of the Story- News and Notes Not covered in mainstream media

-More To Riots and BLM Than Meet the Eye

On Covid-19, Polling Inaccurate Reporting – and Why People More Likely To Share Misinformation Than Believe It| Wake Up America

We hope you’re enjoying this new feature, ‘The Rest of the Story.’. Many of you asked that we continue it after last issue since it’s so darn hard getting the straight news — or shall we say getting the news STRAIGHT these days . Again, as old journalists we were brought up learning there’s two sides to every story and we’re concerned much of the negative stuff that’s going on these days is because people don’t really know the truth what’s going on these days. Make sense? So we’re just trying to do our little part to help make the world a little nicer and friendlier like we remember it, along with providing you great deals, tips and fun with a little JB ‘humor’ thrown in once in a while. Again, we welcome your comments here -JB

Dear ‘A’ List Friend,

We hope this finds you safe and well. During this challenging time most of us are looking for ways to maintain optimal health and prevent getting sick from the Corona virus. You can wait for a year or more for a vaccine to be developed or try to make your immune system stronger now. To close out our Men’s Health Week ‘A’ List our friend Dr. Raphael shares some timely advice.

He has consulted with a licensed clinical nutritionist and a functional medicine doctor to put together a research-based supplement protocol designed to strengthen your immune system, and another supplement protocol if you should become sick. These supplements are professional-grade nutraceuticals and are in very high demand at this time.You can learn more HERE. Fly low but take it slow and don’t try to beat the radar. -JB

And, finally, folks, we have another good friend who offers financial advice anytime but especially timely during these dark financial times. MELINDA IS offering these FREE ebooks plus her own personal CONSULTATION that may be especially pertinent to you and yours now or forward to a friend. We , personally , found her tips on ‘annuity indexing’ during down markets fascinating! -JB