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Home Sweet Home

Real estate inventory change from February to July 2020, in metro area and city proper.

A new report confirms what many have been talking about for weeks: There is an exodus out of San Francisco, and the numbers are staggering.

Online real estate company Zillow released new statistics shining a stark light on the issue this week. Their “2020 Urban-Suburban Market Report” reveals that inventory has risen a whopping 96% year-on-year, as empty homes in the city flood the market like nowhere else in America. But, as a result, there are and will be deals in SF and America’s cities… MORE

Whether it’s the perfect location, a big yard, extra room, you have to see these trending homes.

Amazing Patios

Amazing Patios

These homes have patios that would make any gardener swoon.

Mountain Living

Mountain Living

Does living in the mountains sound ideal to you?

With A Funny Twist

A Modern Twist

Backroads Not Too Far Away from home…More STAYCATION Tips!

You can still stay close to home, in the Bay Area, and still take advantage of some of the beautiful surroundings, like the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park in Aptos, CA – a bit of Muir Woods without the crowds and more….CHECK IT OUT HERE

The Times They Area A-Changin’…

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